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Sanitary Milk Centrifugal Pump 304 Stainless Steel

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1 pc

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Product Description

Sanitary Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump with tri clamp or union inlet and outlet.

Product Description

Technical Parameter

1. Specification: 3T-180T,6m-60m , 0.55KW-75KW
2. Material: SS304 SS316L (The pump body, pump cover and impelle)
3. Impeller:
Open type impeller, there is no blind corner
close type impeller
semi-open type impeller
4. Operate condition: Sanitary centrifugal pump is close to HORIZONTAL transport of high and low level, is not the Self-priming type.
5. Surface treatment: The part contact with mdedium is Polished, 
And other part is Sand Blasted
6. Max inlet pressure: 0.5MPa
7. Temperature range: -10 to Degree +140 Degree
8. Flushable mechanical sealing: Water pressure: __Max 0.1MPa 
                                Water lift: ___0.25-0.5L/min
9. Standards: DIN \ SMS


1. Configuration of "ABB" brand three-phase AC motor is in accordance with the International Electrotechnical CommissionIEC60034. IEC60072 standard design comply with European "CE" Marking requirements
2. The Explosion-Proof motor also available, that can meet with the requirement of different Applications.
3. It has excellent electric performance, low niose and low vibration. 
The protection grade is IP55, insulation grade is F.
4. Operate involtage: 3Kw, 220-240V/380-420V                                              3Kw, 380-420V/660-690V
5. Requency: ____50Hz/60Hz
6. Working method: ____Continuous(SI)
7. Rotate speed: ____The standard rotate speed is 2900r/min

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sanitary centrifugal pumpsanitary centrifugal pump

milk pumpmilk pump

centrifugal pumpcentrifugal pump

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